Works in Progress


What began life as an ambitious historical novel in late 2016 has morphed into an equally overly ambitious historical fantasy adventure and I am not mad about that at all! This labor of love represents three years’ worth of research, late nights, chamomile tea and many, many candles.

As time went on I realized this story needed to be a series and Firedamp is, happily, the title of the third book. The early 19th century has fascinated me since childhood and I couldn’t think of a better era for the Chronicles. I only hope I can do it justice!

Down below I have some about my current projects. Subject to change as I write through the series. Perhaps it will pique your interest!

The Firedamp Chronicles
(to be updated as the series is written)

Title: “For One Night at the Winter Garden
Type: Novella
Status: Complete
In an era of opulence and war, Charles Thomas Morgan only knows fire, grit and soot. On a night that should have been crowning jewel of his company’s year in theatre, he bears witness to a most infamous night near the end of the American Civil War.

Title: ~untitled~
Type: Book One
Status: work in progress
The third in his family to bear his unfortunate name, Junius has been running. Running from his legacy, an unwanted connection to the past, and from horrible dreams that plague his sleepless nights. Ambition is key to success in America. But for Junius, that ambition comes with a heavy price.

More adventures to come!


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