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What started out as an overly-ambitious historical fantasy novel in 2016 has morphed into one of a historical adventure nature and I am not mad about that at all! When I began this journey I already knew it was something that could not be written in a month. The libraries of Pittsburgh  have become my second homes and through my time there The Firedamp Chronicles (+novella), have morphed into an even more complex series that follows the lives of not one but three individuals and those they meet along the way. What have I done to myself???

As time went on I realized that the original plot couldn’t be resolved in one book (where my outlining process decided to take me), and now it’s a whole new and exciting beast. Firedamp is now the title of the fourth and final book.

They say to write what you know. I knew a little bit of the time frame, a little bit of Pennsylvania history and a little bit of industrial revolution history; after two and a half years of diving further into more than thirty historical non-fiction references and countless websites of research, I firmly believe that I’ve learned more about those subjects than I ever did in all my years of actual schooling combined. Of course I have to take that with a grain of salt because I’ve been digging into more specific things, but I am thrilled with some of the historical gems I’ve found along the way!

The early 19th century has fascinated me since I was a child (A Little Princess [1888], Anne of Green Gables [1908], The Phantom of the Opera [1909], Mary Poppins [1910], Titanic [1912], etc. for references!) and I couldn’t think of a better time frame to set my novel in! So Firedamp has become my partner in crime, my other half, and will most likely be my date for Valentine’s Day. I’m basically married to the music so to speak. And you know what, you kind of have to be!


The Works

Facebook Graphic #1 (1)For One Night at the Winter Garden – A Novella

Evacuation Day, the twenty-fifth day of November, eighteen hundred and sixty four, was to be a crown jewel of an evening for the Winter Garden Theater. Charles Thomas, a young stagehand, bears witness to one of the theater’s most infamous nights near the end of the American Civil War. But for three brothers, their surname being Booth, their legacy was just getting started.


From Ash to FireFrom Ash to Fire (working title) – Book One

For the better part of his life Junius has been running. Running from his name, from an unwanted legacy and from nightmares that plague his existence. He cannot, however, escape the one family trait that is also his family’s downfall: ambition. For many ambition is the key to finding the American Dream but for Junius, the third in his family bearing the name, it is a curse from which he cannot escape.

into the fireInto the Fire (working title) – Book Two

Grace Hayes has seen more in her short life than anyone should but the nineteenth century is not kind to the Irish. Especially not an orphaned one. Her happiest day turned into her most hated one, when her father was struck down by those who hated them for being, them. The poorhouse she was sent to had even less hope and when she overhears an insidious plot that could change the course of history she flees, out of the fire and into the frying pan.

beforethedampBefore the Damp (working title) – Book Three

Simon Carrick just rescued a girl, her bright green eyes inflamed with a strength he could only dream of having himself. How was he to know that she was being pursued by more than one villainous individual for her knowledge on what was to come? Though Simon is learning to navigate his own grief he finds hope in Grace and together they work to avoid another conflict that could tear their country apart.

firedamp book4.jpgFiredamp – Book Four

This four part epic comes together in a fiery battle that pits beliefs against beliefs, blue collar against white collar and the fates of mere children are decided. With conflicting interests the players meet, aided by their groups of allies and enemies turned allies and allies turned enemies, history is forever changed over the course of one day. The working class of Southwestern Pennsylvania will never look the same again.