What I’m Writing

Mood boards. They’re all the rage these days with crafters, writers and anyone with a creative mind. This is why I love using Pinterest. As an avid world builder, both on paper and within my own mind, mood boards plus Pinterest equals the perfect combination to showcase the genres of fiction I’m working on.

First, let’s begin with historical fiction. My first love. My continuing love. My original concept, still represented in the first board below. Even though Project Firedamp is now a shelved manuscript, I’ve got ideas. Loads of them. So I keep this board as inspiration for future projects.

The second column represents my next project: a crossover experiment between two favorite genres – science fiction and fairy tale retellings. I prefer keeping those details on the “down low,” (I need new slang), but wanted to share some visuals and possibilities for that manuscript.

Finally, the third secret project. Only one other individual knows what it is, as they’ve read the synopsis I churned out within five minutes one night. And it was perfect. Since I don’t want to give away its genre just yet, I added the board “Writing & Typewriters” just to throw you off a little more.

I know that’s a lot – historical fiction, science fiction, fairy tales and more – but I hope that gives you at least some insight into my realm. Trust me – none of what’s represented below were accidents! Just read a few of my blog posts and you’ll understand the combination. Happy writing!

Project Firedamp

Project Star and Sea

Secret Project