The Five Question Interview

Giving back. That’s sometimes hard for folks to do, including myself. Introverted by nature, it’s made me feel selfish at times even though I know that I’m not. So I wondered how I could give back to the writing community. I don’t have anything published. Or stories for free. I’m not an acclaimed editor, proofreader or query guardian. So what can I do? Of course! Help give exposure to fellow writers, editors, etc. who are going through the same things I am (give or take, of course!)

That’s how The Five Question Interview was born. I reached out to a few folks I thought might like to participate, and I’m super excited that my first interview will be with – drum roll – K.M. Weiland! It’s from her that I got the idea for the title. When I have it up I’ll link it to this page!

If you’d like to participate, DM me through Twitter or send an email to I masquerade as a retail worker by day and am not always able to message back right away. Shoot me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

The Interviewees

Michele LeNoir
Shana Schwarz
Isseult Murphy
Sara Price

T.S. Peterson
Christie-Lee Louis

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