#WIP: Works in Progress


A Casual Conversation

What started out as an overly-ambitious fantasy novel has morphed into an historical adventure one and I am not mad about that! When I started this journey late in 2016 I knew that it wouldn’t be something that could be written in a month. The Pittsburgh libraries have become my second homes. How can they not when, in order to write history you have to know the history as well. I went through several working titles before I finally landed on Firedamp.

Firedamp follows a boy named Simon as he navigates life in industrial Pennsylvania. The early 19th century has fascinated me since I was a child (A Little Princess [1888], Anne of Green Gables [1908], The Phantom of the Opera [1909], Mary Poppins [1910], When Calls the Heart [1910], Titanic [1912], etc. for references! [I included the years in which they were either written or written to be set in). I couldn’t think of a better time frame to set my novel in! As the original plot cannot be resolved in one book (as my outlining process so awesomely taught me), I have two more books planned to be a trilogy! But let’s see how Firedamp goes, yeah?

They say to write what you know. Well while I knew the time frame, knew a bit of Pennsylvania history and a bit of industrial revolution history, diving further into it all has been a pleasure. I firmly believe that I’ve learned more about those subjects than I did in all my years of actual schooling combined. Of course I have to take that with a grain of salt because I’ve been digging into more specific things and finding some historical jewels along the way!

So Firedamp has become my partner in crime, my other half, and will most likely be my date for Valentine’s Day. I’m basically married to the music so to speak. And you know what, you kind of have to be!