What began its life as an ambitious historical novel has morphed into an equally overly ambitious historical fantasy adventure and I am not mad about that at all! This labor of love represents ongoing research, late nights, chamomile tea with honey and many, many candles.

The early 19th century has fascinated me since I was a child and I couldn’t think of a better era for the Chronicles. I only hope I do it justice! The Victorian and Edwardian eras influence how the story is written – I certainly can’t use modern lingo unless it’s part of some genre crossover series involving Dr. Who or some form of science fiction!

Word research and etymology are firmly a part of my existence.

Down below I have some info about my current projects., subject to change as I write through the series. Perhaps it will pique your interest!

A Novel Series: The Firedamp Chronicles

Title: For One Night at the Winter Garden
Type: Novella, the story before The Firedamp Chronicles
Status: Complete, querying, #RevPit submission for 2019 contest

Title: ~untitled~
Type: Novel, book one of The Firedamp Chronicles
Status: Work in Progress

Title: ~untitled~
Type: Novel, book two of The Firedamp Chronicles
Status: Outlined, on deck

Other Projects

The Five Question Interview Series
Born from a late night thought and titled via a random Twitter message, The Five Question Interview series seeks to connect the writing community to one another and to give back to them, one interview at a time. For the most part, this interview is meant to be a fun getting-to-know-you interaction – as laid back as possible! To read more about the series, follow this link to another page on this site.

In A Hartman’s Kitchen
This idea is even newer than the interview series, but I felt like I needed a separate outlet to share my growing love of cooking. A home cook who only needs to worry about an army of one, I don’t need recipes that feed twelve or five. Just enough to get me through the week. Overcooking is a waste in of itself, so I’m attempting to teach myself to not only love what I cook enough to share it, but to respect the ingredients more. To visit this new project of mine, follow this link and it’ll pop you over to it. I do have very few recipes up but I hope to add more soon!

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