What began its life as an ambitious historical novel has morphed into an equally overly ambitious historical fantasy adventure and I am not mad about that at all! The Firedamp Chronicles series is a labor of love ensconced in ongoing research, many cups of chamomile tea with honey, many, many candles and just as many long nights. Research and etymology will forever be a steadfast part of my existence.

Down below I have some info about my current projects, subject to change as time progresses. Perhaps it will pique your interest!


The Firedamp Chronicles: A Victorian Novel Series

Title: For One Night at the Winter Garden
Type: Novella
Status: Rewrite in progress

Title: ~untitled~
Type: Novel
Status: Work in Progress

Book One – In Progress

Other Projects

The Five Question Interview
Born from a late night thought and titled via a random Twitter message, The Five Question Interview series seeks to connect the writing community to one another and to give back to them, one interview at a time. This project is meant to be a getting-to-know-you conversation, as laid back as possible! To learn more, follow this link.

The Gilded Conspiracy: A Short Story Series
With titles fashioned after a grotesque children’s nursery rhyme, The Gilded Conspiracy short story series follows Ada Harrison. In this Victorian era story, Ada is perplexed by the sudden disappearance of her Grandfather, and why no one speaks of him. As all traces of him disappear in their house, Ada’s convinced: foul play is afoot.

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