Moonlight Sonata

When I wrote this very short story it was 2004 and I was in the 9th grade. Having transferred from a small, private elementary school to high school, I guess you could say I was experiencing a form of culture shock. So this story came to be. I don’t remember if it was an actual dream or just what I was feeling, but I hope you enjoy Moonlight Sonata.

This story appeared in my high school’s literary magazine named “Fragments.” I’m attempting to post it as close to the original as possible, without editing my work that’s 14 years old! Please do not use without permission.

As I stood by the clear blue lake in the middle of the forest, I began to wonder how I came upon this tranquil beauty that met my eyes. The sun had already begun to set when I embarked on my journey through the thick woods behind my home. I had come upon a place that I had never seen before and, not knowing which way to turn from there, I stopped.

The vast lake spread out from my viewpoint in every direction. Stars threw their blinking gazes down on me as the night sky opened up to reveal their splendor. The moon, low on the horizon, cast its beacon of ghostly blue light through the darkened forest. Ripples in the lake dispersed the beacon’s reflection on the surface of the water, and an owl’s eyes glinted from inside a hole in the tree trunk while the cricket’s chirp seemed amplified in the still night.

I scanned the shoreline and spotted a huge boulder near the water’s edge so I perched myself atop it. As I sat, hugging my knees to my chest, I noticed a great dark object floating on the surface of the water some distance away. Squinting into the night, I realized, with disbelief, that the floating object is a piano. A soft, sweet melody drifted across the calm as silver notes floated into the night sky and shimmered into nothingness.

Recognizing the tune as the famous Moonlight Sonata piece, I hummed along with it. But soon after it began it picked up speed and as the piano moved closer the force on the keys increased in intensity, the shimmering notes along with it.

The piano began to spin, with the sweet melody playing fast and faster. By now it was so close to me that I had to hold my arms up to my face to keep the wind-blown leaves and water from coming into my eyes. It was spinning and playing so fast that the beautiful song turned into a tune of pure horror.

Notes poured out of it. A whirlwind of sand, water and horrid music drew me in. The silver notes were now bright flames of song, as equally unpleasant as the sound from it all. Wind whipped at my face and I screamed for the nightmare to stop. For my world was no longer that of peace and nightly tranquility of of chaos and horrors.

It ended as slowly as it began. I felt myself being lowered to the ground [not realizing I’d been floating] and I landed in a breathless heap of exhaustion. Sprawled on the ground with my eyes tightly shut, I feared what I’d see when I opened them again.

Strangely, bright, warm sunshine warmed my shaking form. I snuck open an eye and sighed with relief. It’d only been a dream! Mid-morning sunlight streamed through the breaks in my window blinds. I climbed out of bed and glanced over at the keyboard nestled in its own little corner of my room. I stood rooted to the floor; somehow it had turned itself on. Somehow it was playing Moonlight Sonata.

So, what did you guys think? I had fun revisiting this story and I admit that I couldn’t help but fix some of my tense issues. Knowing what I now know about writing, how could I not? Let me know what you thought about Moonlight Sonata and I’ll see you next time!

The moon, low on the horizon, cast its beacon of ghostly blue light through the darkened forest.

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