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“Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you.”
~The King and I~

My weakness has always been buying way more fairy tale retellings than I should. But there they are: all on my Kindle and my shelves in my office. I also have a problem with starting a book at 1 AM and then reading until 5 PM because I refuse to put it down even though it will be there on my nightstand or in my phone the next day!

One of my earliest memories is sitting at my family computer teaching myself PowerPoint and Word just so I can write…yes… fan fictions. At the time I didn’t know that’s what they were called, but mine were always either based off Star Trek (because I am that much of a dork) or other stories I became attached to.

Having mostly written only short stories for my high school’s literary magazine or the occasional story during college, it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to actually write a novel. I figured that if I wasn’t going to at least attempt becoming a published author now, then that dream may actually happen.

“Q & A” Time

Q: What is your favorite section in the library?
A: Quite honestly, non-fiction. Because every novel, whether it’s entirely based on history or a fantastical adventure, still has a bit of historical truth somewhere inside it. My novel series is completely based on it, so I’ve spent the majority of my research time in the Pennsylvania section of the library. The Commonwealth may have its own set of current problems, but it’s nothing we its people can’t overcome.

Q: What is/are your favorite genres of fiction to read?
A: Fairy tale retellings, science fiction and historical. I’d say that about 85% of my physical bookshelf and my Kindle libraries are filled mostly with re-imaginings of dancing princesses, talking animals, exasperating faeries that  cause trouble and magical conspiracies. Sometimes I’ll come across a book with settings a bit too obscure to understand so I can’t get into it, but if it’s well written with a twist here or there, I’m truly in a happy place!

Q: What is/are your least favorite genres?
A: Romance. There’s enough of it in the fairy tale retellings that I don’t really need to read the, um, details, shared between couples of any age. It’s just not my cup of tea. Hmmm…tea. I could go for some chamomile with honey…

Q: When did you start writing?
A: I’ve always been more of an introverted writer than a talker. Just ask my mom.

Q: What social media accounts do you have? If any?
A: I have a Twitter page, @barefoot4life85, as well as Instagram and a Facebook page that are both under @anotherhartmanauthor. Plus, this page. (obvs!)

Q: Coffee or tea?
A: This may shock a majority of you, but I have an aversion to coffee. Just like cilantro. I’ve never been able to stomach either. As for tea, I prefer the caffeine-free kind because I tend to only drink it at night or on dank, rainy days. I’m a very simple person when it comes to my liquid intake.

Q: What are your favorite TV shows?
A: A healthy dose of Star Trek, a smattering of American game shows, and a plethora of Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas. Don’t ask me anything about American soaps (yuck) or prime time TV. I only know general titles of currently running shows on my side of the world. We all have our niches, right?

Q: Where did the inspiration come from for your current work in progress?
A: I’m running the risk of sounding completely cliche here but it honestly came from a dream almost three years ago that woke me up in the middle of the night. While the core fantastical elements have turned purely historical, the original characters and their trials are still present in what’s developed since then.

For a first novel, what I had planned before felt way too ambitious. I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. But, um…it’s now a planned four-novel series with a pre-story novella to kick things off. The more I researched the more I realized how much story I wanted to tell. There was absolutely no way it could logically all fit in one book, or one giant book. Thus, For One Night at the Winter Garden and The Firedamp Chronicles were born. I hope you get to read all of them some day!

Q: If you had the ability to pick up right now and travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A: Seoul, South Korea. Tokyo, Japan. New Zealand, Ireland and Australia. Which is funny considering I have a thing about being surrounded by water on all sides. Just a mild case of thalassophobia…

It was nice to meet you!
Happy reading!

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