Meet the Author

Early Life

From an early age Leigh Hartman has loved writing. One of her earliest memories is sitting at her parents’ family computer teaching herself PowerPoint and Word. She did not write anything for a while after losing her stories when the computer she had in her room shorted and lost everything. The power surged and ozone filled the room. She learned very quickly (in the age of floppy discs) to back up everything, even if it was a stupidly small Star Trek story!

Born on September 27th, 1985 Leigh Hartman has lived in Pittsburgh her entire life. Her father, Daryl, was a member of the USAF for over thirty years. As a child she often thought of becoming a pilot or navigator as well but she had no sense of direction on solid ground. So she gave up that idea and instead picked up another love: books. With her two of her uncles being performers, artists and writers, she grew to enjoy theater, different styles of music and short story writing.

High School and the Quiet 20’s

While Leigh did not enjoy being directly on the stage he enjoyed watching how the performance was run from behind the curtains. For three years she “performed” as a lighting tech and assistant director for high school drama productions. During the drama off seasons she continued to write prose and helped edit her school’s student-run literary magazine. With college, however, came a different kind of life. One that really only had her writing papers for passing grades. She attended college in Knoxville, Tennessee, earning a joint degree in Video Editing, Producing and Bible from Johnson University. For a time she did not write at all, having given up on the authorship dream that began as a child.

Modern Day

What does Star Trek have to do with writing? Might we suggest taking a look at her first blog post and all will be explained. So, bills needed paid, “adulting” needed to happen and the dream of being an author just did not feel like an attainable goal. But last year, through encouragement from fellow writers and an idea that randomly came one night in 2016, she began the research process for a historical novel. And when it’s ready there will definitely be a party!