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Lately my weakness has been buying way more fairy tale retellings than I should. But there they are: all on my Kindle and my shelves in my office. I also have a problem with starting a book at 1 AM and then reading until 5 PM because I refuse to put it down even though it will be there on my nightstand or in my phone the next day!

One of my earliest memories is sitting at my family computer teaching myself PowerPoint and Word just so I can write…yes… fan fictions. Though at the time I didn’t know that’s what they were called. Mine were always either based off Star Trek (because I am that much of a dork) or other stories I became attached to.

Having mostly only done short stories for my high school’s literary magazine or the occasional fan fiction on an old show favorite, Supernatural, from college, it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to actually write a novel. I decided that if I wasn’t going to at least attempt to become a published author that it wasn’t ever going to happen.

It’s still a work in progress and my projects have evolved dramatically from the original idea, but I hope you’ll look forward to enjoying it as much as I have been enjoying taking it on. If you are in this business feel free to share any tips or tricks you have learned! Do you prefer self-publishing or the traditional route? These are all things I am personally still exploring and while I’m writing this story I’m learning too from the other [my Uncle Bob] Hartman author! That’s why I’ve decided to name this site Another Hartman Author. Most of my family can play instruments or sing, are already published or multi-talented. Me?


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