From Box to Home

What do you think of when you see the word subscription? Magazines? Newspapers? “Subscribe to my YouTube channel?” What do you think of when you see the word genre? Novels? Films? Music?

Why have I grouped those two words together?

Just as there are dozens of novel genres a writer can choose to participate in, there are hundreds more subscription boxes and services to sift through – Makeup. Tea. Coffee. Foreign snacks. Fresh produce services – the list goes on.

Think of each of those categories as a genre or subgenre within the writing community and you’ll get the very essences of this new series, From Box to Home. While I’m occasionally a patron of Birchbox (makeup/skincare), I want to discover other, more writer(ly) options.

Here’s how it’ll work

1. I’ll go through the ordering process, the price, the perks and the pros.
2. What’s in the box?
3. If it’s a brand new book, I’ll do a Book Review and post it here, as well as wherever the book’s reviews are (GoodReads, Amazon)
4. I vow to be completely honest in terms any “cons” we should look out for. Is it worth the money? How easy is it to cancel the box? etc.

I want this series to be fun and informative. In no way do I want any of you to feel like you have to purchase these things or think I’m getting kickbacks, so I’ll be as transparent transparent as I can in letting you know if I’m working with a brand or I purchase the box with my own money.

I hope you all enjoy this new venture as much as I have just getting all these details together! And I am so excited to announce that the first brand I’m working with is Book of the Month! Keep an eye out for the first review coming soon!


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