Flash Fiction

Between 2001 and 2005, I wrote stories for my high school’s literary magazine titled “Fragments.” Reading back on them now, I find myself both cringing at their amateurish nature and wondering what was happening in my life at the time they were written.

It’s funny. I didn’t much like my Creative Writing class at 16 years old. You’d think I’d enjoy it (when even back then I wanted to be a published author) but I didn’t want to have to write for grades. I only wanted to write because to be creative.

At the end of 2018 I decided my website would be a perfect place to post some short, flash fiction-esque stories whenever I need a break from my main work in progress. Let’s face it – every writer needs to detox themselves from a big project or two every once in a while. Myself included.

Some stories will be current and some will be from high school. If they’re from the latter, I’ll try to leave them as original and unedited as possible. Every cell in my body will want me to “edit edit edit.” I’m going to ignore those impulses the best I can. If the impulse to edit my horrible high school grammar is too strong, I’ll notate that in the post.

Keep an eye out for more flash fiction! Just hover your mouse over the menu to see a list of stories pop up.

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