Favorite Reads


Behind every writer is a collection of books they enjoy reading. Apparently I like an eclectic mix of science fiction and young adult novels. I joked recently with another author that I need to quit reading so much because it was cutting into my writing time. “No!” she exclaimed. “Don’t stop!” If you stop reading your imagination could stop too. Not only that it is a great way to support your favorite authors as well. So this page will consist of books (in no particular order!) that I would like to share with you that you might enjoy as well.


“The Castle in the Attic” and “The Battle for the Castle”
by Elizabeth Winthrop

“William’s head was whirling. Maybe he should have thought harder about this plan. But there was no time. She was leaving tomorrow. At last, he had what he had wanted all along, the power to keep her with him. he must not let anything change that. “I’ll convince her,” William said firmly. “But I want you to come too. I have a special belt pack I use for long bicycle trips. I can carry you downstairs in that. Be ready for me tomorrow afternoon. She’s planning to take the four-thirty bus.”                      ~The Castle in the Attic, chapter 7

I firmly believe that this small series is what got me into historical novels as a kid. The Castle in the Attic is not quite a “coming of age” story but follow a boy named William as he discovers a magical world in his own attic. He doesn’t have much confidence and as his life changes he finds a dollhouse-like castle that transports him to another time. In no time at all he is thrust into a medieval way of life and the magic that comes with it. The Battle for the Castle is a continuation of the original but with a different problem to be solved.

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