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A Quick Look at Three Pittsburgh Landmarks.

In my last few posts about Pennsylvania, I took a look at facts and histories from Dave Hurst’s book, PENNSYLVANIA’S ALLEGHENY MOUNTAINS. Today we’ll go a different route and use several online resources instead. In this post we’ll take a look at the histories of three well-known Pittsburgh establishments: The Cathedral of Learning, Phipp’s Botanical … Read More

Introducing a New Blog Series

As I’ve mentioned before, things are changing here on anotherhartmanauthor. Blog series have finished, so it’s time to begin a few new ones and see how they go. Today’s short little ditty is all about the next idea: My Last Five Books. I’m still figuring out how I’m going to do my book reviews, so … Read More

Thoughts On Accepting Change

Do you easily accept change, or are you one of those folks who resist it until you absolutely have to accept it? Personally, I fall somewhere in between. When it comes to my work life, I’m not always fond of policy or procedural changes. When it comes to my writing or personal life, I can … Read More


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