All the Non-Fiction

“During a steam train trip on the 4th of July, I discovered yet another connection just over an hour away in Franklin, PA. With the wheels of our passenger car clacking beneath my seat, I plotted Part Two of my novella-turned-novel.”

When I was in high school I learned that bias exists. The victors of war and conflict are the ones history generally favors. I constantly have to remind myself of that as I conducted research for my first intended-for-publication manuscript. I learned that I had to throw what I thought I knew about my state’s history, heck, even my country’s history, out the window with each source material I read.

Okay, not all of it. But a lot of it. 

I’ve debated long and hard if I should include this section or not, because I don’t want any of the material to possibly give away what my novel series is about. Then I realized that if you’ve followed me on Twitter or my Facebook page or even this website long enough, then you already know that it’s deeply based on history.

So why not share much of what I’ve researched by including sources you may find useful as well? Have a read of some of the titles below. You may discover some interesting facts about American history!

*I have omitted just a few titles because they’d most definitely give too much away!
*None of the links are affiliate links. I do not gain any revenue from them. They’ve been added purely for educational purposes.




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