I Created Mood Boards for my Project Star and Sea Characters.

They say many things are best left to the imagination. While that’s, for the most part, a true statement, sometimes creating visuals can help your writing process. That’s why you see so many writers create those grids and aesthetics that pop up on social media.

Call this a cheap, easy blog post if you like – because, well it is. But this has been a crazy week and I wanted to share. Plus, they’ll be brief introductions to some of my works in progress. Are you a writer stuck on a scene, character development or plot point? Perhaps it’s time for a mood board!


Pippa, forever loyal to country and family, knows something’s wrong almost from the very beginning. It’s her intuition, and her brother’s research, that sets things in motion for the rest of Book One.

As you can see, blue is a distinct color trend in all three of these mood boards. It plays a very important role in these character’s lives. Blue represents not only serenity and calm, but danger and uncertainty.


Willow – the quietest and (usually) more reserved of these three main characters – is often torn between the old and the new. She sees the progress her people have made, but wants to hold on to the old truths.

But holding on to those old truths may be nearly impossible as Old Earth slowly decays under centuries of pressure. And Mother Earth reclaims what once was hers.


Isla’s known for years that something’s wrong, but nobody would listen to a child. Until it’s, of course, too late. Fire and water are Isla’s symbols, and both will play incredibly important roles throughout the series.

She thinks her people hold the key to saving what’s left of the Old Earth, but the Earth has other plans. Everything’s connected, for better or for worse.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to create a few mood boards of your own? You don’t have to share them like I did mine. Especially if you feel that doing so will give too much of the story away.

But I loved finding commonalities between the MCs through these boards. The jewel tones. Little smatterings of their backgrounds and heritage. Things they *may* love. So on and so on. You don’t even have to use Pinterest to create the boards either.

Ooh – it might be really fun to create smaller, physical boards! Looks like I’m going to a craft store after church tomorrow…

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