It’s #WriterLift Time. Here’s Who I Found.

Hashtags. There’s so many of them online that it can be difficult to know which to use, or use in combination with other related interests. I’m sure you’ve heard podcasts, commercials, late night television hosts and YouTube channels utilize this internet community connecting system.

Although we all accept hashtags as a normal part of Twitter now (whether we like it or not), not everyone was keen to jump on board the hashtag train originally. Chris had to fight for his hashtag plan and convince others of the benefits. […] Adding a hashtag can immediately provide context for other users, without affecting the content of the tweet itself .

According to the article linked above, the use of a hashtag system seemed to novel to Twitter’s founders in 2007. Fourteen years later they’re common jargon. Folks of different communities use them to connect with one another, and the writing community is by far one of the largest groups to utilize them.

Even though I use them on a daily basis myself, I hardly have time to explore the topic as a whole. “But Leigh. Using the tags means connecting to others over similar interests.” And that’s what my naturally introverted self has problems with. I’ve never been the greatest with socializing. Networking. Integrating myself into a group of people I may have very little in common with.

For tonight’s blog post I’m going to push personal limitations out of the way and engage with new individuals on Twitter. Think that’s a silly plan? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. If you’re introverted like I am, you’ll totally understand.

Below I’m going to list several Twitter accounts I find through the #writingcommunity tag. We writers need one another; tweeting to ones’ self can be very boring. *disclaimer: I don’t follow accounts who talk of nothing but politics. Because politics is depressing.

Also, I haven’t done a #writerlift in a long time, so here they are.

Alechia Dow

Handle: @alechiawrites
Instagram: @aleciadow

Kate Tailor

Handle: @The_Kate_Tailor

Dr. Jessica Payne

Handle: @authorjesspayne
Instagram: @jessicapayne.writer

Mary, author

Handle: @tootiehead

Read Love Listen

Handle: @ReadLoveListen1
Instagram: readlovelisten1
YouTube: ReadLoveListen

Emily Rae

Handle: @By_EmilyRae

You know what? Even the introvert in me is quite looking forward to getting to know these new-to-me ladies. It’s funny – when I’m at work I pride myself on being able to talk with just about anybody. However, at work, you often have to put on a “brave” or “fake” persona to get the job done. It can be very hard to put your authentic self out there on the internet. All people generally see is a quick snapshot or glimpse into your life. Your viewpoint.

Every writer’s journey is different, and that’s what’s both so fantastic and so tricky with our online interactions. Don’t dismiss someone outright because they may have a different worldview. Example: I am a Christian, but many folks I follow are not. But we still find common ground in our struggles to produce amazing stories.

Let’s lift each other up!

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