The Gilded Conspiracy // Prologue and Part One Now Live

Evenin’ all! I hope you’re having a great start to your weekend. Does it feel like Autumn where you are? It’s certainly beginning to here in Pennsylvania and I can’t wait for my birthday weekend trip to Johnstown in September.

If you didn’t already know, I recently launched a new website for short stories. It’s called The Power of Histfic. There I can share any story my brain concocts as I work on Project Firedamp. Everyone needs a creative outlet, right?

And who knows? Maybe other writers can join in on the historical fun over there as well. For now, the Prologue and Part 1 for my first ever web series are both LIVE and ready to be read. I invite you to hop on over and give them a read. I’d also love constructive feedback as well. Behold: The Gilded Conspiracy! A story set in 1853 London. Click the image below to read.

Published by Leigh A. Hartman

Hey all! Welcome to my website! I'm currently writing my first novel series called The Firedamp Chronicles. Check out the following links to find out more about why I write!

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