I Created Pinterest Boards for my Characters.

They say many things are best left to the imagination. While that’s, for the most part, a true statement, sometimes creating visuals can help your writing process. That’s why so many writers create those grids and aesthetics that still pop up on Twitter from time to time. I’ve got about twenty on this Pinterest board if you’d like to check them out.

Call this a cheap, easy blog post if you like – because, well it is – but this is a crazy work week and I wanted to share these boards. Plus they’ll be brief introductions to some very important players in THE FIREDAMP CHRONICLES.

I won’t go into full detail, however. Only three characters are represented here. Who wants to give away the recipe before the cookie is eaten?

Okay, that’s totally not a saying, insofar as I know. But a certain J.Elle got me thinking about cookies with her last “Monday Mixer” on Twitter. I’m not one to start trends, but I sure do like experimenting with them. So here are Pinterest boards I’ve created for three of my characters. Which ones are main? Secondary? Tertiary? Who knows!

Bronagh Hayes

Bronagh’s not as spunky as a child her age should be – exploring life, learning, or working on a sampler. Life’s dealt her more pain than an eleven year old should bear. This board represents her hopes and dreams:

Simon Dunkle

Born to German immigrants, Simon’s dreams feel a bit more far-fetched and unrealistic by the time his story truly begins in THE FIREDAMP CHRONICLES. Here’s Simon’s board:

Alwine Dunkle

Alwine, Simon’s mother, is just as hardworking as those men in the mines and mills. Her recipes feed their families, employers and travelers who find themselves on the main street of Franklin. As such, her board is filled with all sorts of delectibles she wishes she had time to make.

Well, what do you guys think? I like how each board almost has its own color story. Did you find one or two potential Easter eggs in any of them? Leave your plot theories in the comment section below!

Are you stuck on a scene or character or plot point? Maybe creating a Pinterest board for it will do the trick.

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