A Gallery of #WIP Aesthetics

If you’re brand new to the online writing community like I was two years ago, you’ve probably seen loads of confusing Twitter hashtags. There are so many that I had to look up guides to help me decipher them. They felt like a World War II encoded message or Morse Code telegram that needed solving. Let me leave a few of these incredibly helpful lists below – it’s okay to feel overwhelmed! The great thing about these tags is they help you find fellow writers, and many can even connect you with editors, agents, and even publishers you’d like to partner with.

  1. 10 Twitter Hashtags for Writers – Publishing Talk
  2. 44 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know – Authormedia
  3. 50 Twitter Hashtags For Writers – Self Publishing Authors Podcast
  4. 100 Twitter Hashtags Every Writer Should Know – Aerogramme Writers’ Studio
  5. 240 Hashtags for Writers – Curiosity Never Killed the Writer

I’ll give a small piece of advice. Go through those lists and pick out ones that interest you. While many are genre specific, several are incredibly popular such as #writingcommunity, #writerslife, #writerlift, #WIP (work in progress) and #wordcount.

One of my favorites is #WedWIPAesthetic. I already make all the graphics for this site, and the idea of creating aesthetics – collages of images that express themes or character traits in a WIP – really appealed to me. So here are just some of the aesthetics I’ve created for Project Firedamp over the past couple of years. Please do not use any of these without my expressed permission.

Many of these are dark and gritty, and I don’t know why the WordPress plug in lowered the quality on several of them. It may be fitting, because in late Victorian Pennsylvania, things weren’t as gorgeous as they are today. Granted, social issues still exist. But life wasn’t kind to the white collar workers in the 1800s. Two goals of Project Firedamp are 1- to not sugar coat the past and 2- to look to hope the future can bring.

They say to write what you know. I know Southwestern Pennsylvania.

And Pittsburgh’s still rising from the ashes of a collapsed steel industry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small glimpse into Project Firedamp and what I hope to accomplish with its stories. Do you have any WIP aesthetics to share? Drop your links in the comments below!

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