A Three Blog Roundup | Part One

In 1991 I was six years old and the Internet was just a baby. In 1991 blog, SEOs, tags and website providers didn’t exist. The world in 2020 has never felt smaller, and that’s an amazing thing. That’s what I like about these kinds of posts, because they bring attention to others in the publishing biz from around the globe. We all share a common goal, no matter what language we speak: to become better writers, editors, publishers, artists or agents. Here are three blogs on editing, technique and grammar for you to explore.

Shady Characters

Keith Houston is a published author who enjoys talking about the nuances of punctuation. In fact, I’m sure (if he ever reads this post) that he’ll analyze the crap out of my writing. And he’ll be right in doing so. I can’t help but be jealous with one of his recent accomplishments – publishing a book in Korean – because that’s one of my publishing dreams! If you’re looking for some quirk and learning along the way, check out Keith’s blog.


source: Google images

Here’s a blog post I wrote last year about my favorite Victorian slang,
and one on punctuation I never knew had names.

Helping Writers Become Authors

I hope yinz (that’s a Pittsburgh word) aren’t sick of reading about Ms. KM Weiland on this site, but I can’t sign her praises enough. Her blog is a great resource for practical writing solutions, writing community encouragement and so much more. Okay, okay. I may be a little biased here. But she was one of the first people I connected with when my writing journey began in 2016. I sincerely hope you check her craft books out!

Here’s a blog post I recently wrote about life needing structure, along with our stories.

Grammar Girl

Brain farts. We all have them as we work through our writing processes. Sometimes it’s a word that just won’t come to mind. Or something we wrote is quite grammatically wrong and we can’t put a finger on why. That’s where Grammar Girl, aka Mignon Fogarty, comes into play. Her posts explore everything and anything, well, grammar related. I, for one, am incredibly grateful for her tips. If you’re ever stumped for words, take a break and read some posts on word choice. All writers can benefit from a bit of non-fiction.


source = grammarly

Well, there you have it! Three blogs that deal with punctuation, technique and grammar. Do you have any go-to blogs for writing help or general writing amusement? Feel free to share their links in the comments below.

Do you like this type of post? Let me know if you’d like to see more Blog Roundups in the future.


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