The First Roast ft. Rebecca Zornow

As an unpublished, nonprofessional writer working on my first novel, I nevertheless had access to extremely talented people who would help make my manuscript better, people who’ve made careers out of providing careful, constructive criticism to writers. I’m tremendously grateful to them

Chris Pavone – source

No writer, no human being for that matter, can go at life alone. Somewhere along the way we all realize at some point that we need others to help us along, and vice versa. My own journey began nearly four years ago, and I’ve learned to take constructive criticism as objectively as I can. When you put words out for the world to see, you’ve got to expect scrutiny. If you don’t, you’re really looking at the world through rose colored glasses.

Welcome to a new collaborative blog series called Roast My Post. It’s a quest to not only get to know others in the writing community, but learn from their own experiences and share the wealth of their knowledge with you. For The First Roast, I’ve invited scifi and fantasy writer Rebecca Zornow to pick apart my very first post titled “The Dream That Star Trek Gave Me.” Enjoy!

So I know this person named Leigh. Leigh A. Hartman. Not IRL, but on Twitter. And she’s always posting about making soups and how cold she is in the winter and Star Trek and the tiny piece of paper that was stuck under her space bar for half a year, but which she finally got out (yey).

Leigh’s a writer but she also blogs. As you know. Because you’re here on her blog.

I’m a blogger myself and let me tell you, it isn’t easy putting your thoughts on display for the world to see (and even harder when it’s only your mom reading—not that I’d know about that. Also, hi mom!). Leigh’s been doing a great thing for the writing community with her Five Question Interview series and blogging about her writing journey so that others can learn. 

So, as a fellow writer, science fiction nerd, and hater of tiny papers that get stuck in bad places, I was happy to offer to roast her first ever blog post. The one from four years ago. The one about Star Trek. Oh yeah, let’s get started.

“The Dream that Star Trek Gave Me”. Oh, dear, what a title. I’m just regular folk on the internet in 2016 and see this first ever blog post on some person’s blog and I’m supposed to stick around for this? Well, I do like Star Trek. So, ok, I guess so.

(Leigh here — I do hate titling things, but back to Rebecca!)

Ah, Leigh makes the classic blogger mistake of thinking we’re interested in what her life was like at age 10. Or around age 10. She’s not really sure and neither am I.

Whoa, now we’re getting into it. Leigh was a kid who preferred to read than to interact. You know, I think a lot of writers feel this way—that the same things they were made to feel bad for as kids are the very qualities that drive them to be successful writers now. Because of that, I’ll give Leigh a pass for baring these deep childhood memories before we even know what her blog’s about.

Ah ha! Leigh did not use the Oxford comma. *unfollow*

(It’s Leigh again. Not everyone uses that Oxford comma thingy [I said that just to annoy you wink wink]).

Ok, now this is all making sense. Leigh’s giving us the whole backstory of why she was driven to be a writer.

Here comes the “hope” talk. All Star Trek fans get like this—all optimistic and emotional. That’s why I’m more of a GalaxyQuest kinda girl. At least, I would be if I had seen it in the last decade.

Oh no. And now Leigh put “intellectual” in quotes. One of us just used quotes the right way. Guess who it was? Me! It was me!

(Leigh here. I’m just gonna put everything in quotations from now on *insert evil laughing gif* Kidding!)

Okay, okay, Leigh, I guess you have a point here.

(Leigh here again – Rebecca, I’m gonna need that on a mug!) Back to Rebecca….

I’m 31 right now! Don’t knock it! 

I really hope Leigh doesn’t end any of her other posts this way.

Like every blogger, it’s clear that Leigh wasn’t quite sure what she was going to write about once she got on the internet. Childhood troubles, grammatical errors, burning dreams. We’ll I’m glad she got it all out of her system so she could focus on building a blog that seeks to create a community for writers and help them on their journey.

Cheers, Leigh!

Rebecca Zornow writes science fiction and nonfiction and is a former magazine editor, voracious reader, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, English degree holder, and lover of cookies. You can get science fiction and fantasy booklists, news, author profiles, and more on her blog Check out her BookTube channel for reviews of the latest SFF books and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for kicks and giggles.

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