Roast My Post | An Invitation to Critique My Writing

Roasting. I’m not referring to roasting vegetables, which sounds amazing as it’s nearly dinner time. I’m talking about critiquing another writer’s blog posts. My blog posts. Since beginning this blog in 2016, there’s nearly a hundred posts to my name. Are they any good? Some, admittedly, are worse than others. I know my grammar is all over the place, and that’s where I need the help!

So, beginning in February, I’ll revisit old posts from 2016 and invite you, my fellow readers, authors, writers, editors and publishers, to Roast them. This Roast will push back my annual Five Question Interviews to Spring 2020. Both concepts are a lot of work but so rewarding in the end. At least, I hope you all roasting my posts will be rewarding! Of course we’re talking about constructive criticism – don’t worry, I can handle criticism. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be inviting you to do so.

Sunday, February 2nd will be the first one, so get ready to Roast My Posts!

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