I Am Discontinuing “The Bulletin.” Here’s Why.

Happy Monday, publishing world! Today’s one of those days where I finally made a decision on something and I must admit that it feels rather great. Back in July I announced a new eNewsletter called The Bulletin. In the three months of putting it out, here’s what I’ve learned:

A. I’m sorely unqualified to produce such a venture.

B. While I enjoy creating content, I find that I work better without a set schedule (even though I’m the one who set the dates).

C. I couldn’t find the right balance of material. If I were to include anything else, it’d take too much time away from actually writing my book.

D. I wasn’t concentrating on Project Chronicles. At all. The eNewsletter was just another distraction.


So I’d like to thank the small pool of folks who read The Bulletin. You’ve taught me that this writing thing is possible and people pay attention. Perhaps at some point in the future I’ll start The Bulletin back up. But for now, it’s a shuttered project. I’d also like to thank Jeni Chappelle, KJ Harrowick and Gabrielle Saab who contributed to the “Writing Question of the Month” section. I hope you had some fun with it as well!

That’s it for this short, simple blog post. Now to keep myself occupied with my stories and not some other, well, distraction!

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