I Picked Theme Songs for Five Characters in My WIP

After seeing this tag ’round the Twitter-verse, I thought it was a great idea for a writerly blog post. The tricky part was finding songs for Victorian era folks.

We begin with Junius – a hopeful kid with a tragic past and nefarious future. Just like the song I chose for him, it starts off nice and then everything explodes:

Second, there’s Edgar. I promise, he’s really important despite his unfortunate name. He hates his name, by the way. But he’s stuck with it for life! Edgar’s song is:

Next to enter the story is Grace. I see myself in Grace most of all, but I’m definitely not as brave as she is! Grace’s song is:

Next comes Simon. You’d think he’d have the most urgent sense of being. Eventually he does when things start going wrong. And I mean really wrong. Simon’s song is Fall On Me by Andrea Bocelli:

Finally, here’s The Boatman. This rickety old man isn’t all that he appears to be, but he knows the Pennsylvania Canals, what’s left of them, like the back of his hand. So Lazy River by Bobby Darin is his song:

There’s a good chance these songs will change when all’s said and done. For now, here they are! I hope you enjoyed this fun little post (though it threw my character developing brain all out of whack!)

If you’re stuck on your own characters, perhaps this will be a good exercise for you to try too. Happy writing!

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