Book Review | Spelled

In this new realm of reviewing books, I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not going to love every book I read, be it from the library, a second hand book store, ARCs for review from NetGalley, or directly from the authors themselves.

I purchased SPELLED as an ebook from Amazon. This did not affect my review.

While I cannot bear the thought of giving any book a bad sort review, I find myself conflicted with what to say about SPELLED by Camille Peters. Reimaginings of well-known fairy tales is my favorite genre. Despite my love for princesses and battles, this story is a more appropriate read for a younger audience.

SPELLED takes on the “story analogies within a story” trope with gusto, so much so that it’s a central topic of conversation for the main characters, Rosie and Alastar. However, it did make the book a chore to finish, since the concept is so intertwined. There were many perfect opportunities for a sword fight or two, but my craving for such a scene was never quite met. In a battle’s stay there’s her well-trained art of conversation and character growth. Once you accept that the story’s not about action, you’ll see how Rosalina’s not just Eileen’s best friend. She’s come up on her own and learns several important life lessons (with some help!). 

Even with Rosie’s growth, I don’t believe I’ll continue on with The Kingdom Chronicles series. Every author, decidedly, has their own quirks and preferred phrases. SPELLED had a few too many for my taste, but fantastic character growth.

RATING: THREE out of FIVE stars

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