Book Review | The Heart of a Pirate

In this new realm of reviewing on my site, I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not going to love every book I get my hands on – from the library, a second hand book store, ARCs for review from NetGalley, or directly from the authors themselves. In this case, I received THE HEART OF A PIRATE as an arc for review from NetGalley. This did not affect my review.

The Goonies meets Pirates of the Caribbean in Chloe Flowers’ THE HEART OF A PIRATE. In this historical adventure we’re taken back to a time of pirates, adventure and multiple high stakes. novel the point of views aren’t centered on just the two main characters of Conal and Stevie (Stephanie). Flowers gives everyone a chance to shine, quickly drawing the reader into the characters’ lives, motivations and personalities. Through multiple points of views Flowers takes the reader along for the adventure.

Flowers’ knowledge of the era is evident throughout the book, and she uses this knowledge to add riddles and intrigue. The Sauvage family wants is safety, security, and a little (or a lot of money) wouldn’t be a bad thing either. When Stephanie’s, or Stevie’s (as she prefers to be called) siblings are kidnapped she, along with the rest of their close knit family, commandeers what they need to negotiate for their survival. Together they take on multiple captains, battles, sword fights and the ocean itself. Stevie and Conal’s affection for one another is just a small part of this rich tale, but it’s a relationship formed naturally rather than instantly. 

Character growth and twists are just a few of the golden nuggets woven into THE HEART OF A PIRATE. All the treachery and traps, carefully crafted insults between characters and story progression makes me long for more adventures with the Sauvage family as a whole. I’m certainly glad that I read this book, especially since it’s outside my normal repertoire. I can’t recommend this book enough, and I’ll most certainly be reading more from Chloe Flowers. 

RATING: five out of five stars

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