Book (Un)Review | Beyond the Known

In this new realm of reviewing on my site, I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not going to love every book I get my hands on – from the library, a second hand book store, ARCs for review from NetGalley, or directly from the authors themselves.

That is why I’m calling these types of reviews a Book (Un)Review.

I’m well aware that’s not really a thing. However, it’s half past midnight and I don’t know how else to name it. As a writer working on my own stories, I crave an honest audience. I’d like these (Un)Reviews to have completely honest reasons as to why I couldn’t finish a book.

I had a hard time reading BEYOND THE KNOWN, as it is a fair bit more technical than what I’m used to diving into when I have free time. I’ll always have an interest in science and history. But, for me, I prefer physical science. If you know me, you know this will sound strange coming from a life long Trekkie. As a child I always thought I’d just be one of those shopkeepers on Deep Space Nine rather than behind a science station, but I divulge.

It is evident that BEYOND THE KNOWN was carefully and thoughtfully written. While I do not feel qualified enough to recommend or not recommend this book, do not dismiss its intent. It gives the reader an overall view of humanity from what was once our reality to our possible reality.

For this (un)review, I’ll not be giving a star rating.
I received BEYOND THE KNOWN as an ARC via NetGalley.
This did not affect any of my opinions in this (un)review.

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