Books, Blogging, and Believing

About a month ago I changed up the banner on this website, switching it up from simply saying “Another Hartman Author” or my name, Leigh A. Hartman. I know websites, particularly authoring websites, are “supposed” to have the writer’s name highlighted.

However, I’ve always felt, for myself anyway, that having my full name be at the forefront of what everyone would see to be a bit vain. In high school I always preferred being behind-the-scenes. I was that kid on the lighting and tech crew for musicals and fall plays. I was that kid who put together presentations for school assemblies and one for a graduation that had a special bit for honoring alumni who went into the US Armed Forces.

When I began my writing journey the unease I felt at naming a website after myself was real. As such, “anotherhartmanauthor” was born. There are many artistic Hartmans in my family, and several of them are published authors themselves.

After blogging and writing since 2016, it was time to give this site a face lift, and that’s when the title of “Books, Blogging, Believing” came into being. Below I’ll discuss why I chose those three particular words to describe

This one, I think, is the most obvious goal of this site. Whether it’s reviewing books, sharing lists of my favorite reads, or updating you on the progress of my own writing, this site was born out of my love of the written word. This includes both fiction and non-fiction.

Then 2019 came ’round and I decided that it was time to get the writing community involved and began the Five Question Interviews. There I was able to showcase them and their work, rather than making this site be all about me.

The Five Question Interviews will resume next year in 2020, beginning around the same time (March). Until then I’ll be concentrating on other projects like keeping up with my reading, novel writing, book reviews and the next topic of this post, blogging.

I’d like to think that my blogging style has changed since 2016. I look back through old posts and I’m tempted to delete several because they’re so cringe worthy. But I leave them up as a reminder to develop, develop, develop.

I see blogging as a chance to connect with you. To have a casual conversation about writing. I blog to share new things I’ve learned, or perhaps teach you something new. No one can have all the answers, and that’s what blogging is all about. Learning.

A couple of years ago I attempted a series called “Research It,” where I highlighted a choice topic for that week. While the few posts I put up were a lot of fun and great practice for discussing non-fiction, they were a LOT of work. I used to want to do one weekly but they got to be too time consuming. And I wasn’t writing my novel.

In the future I may revisit old concepts, such as Research It. But I still need to find a balance between blogging and actual writing.

I truly think that anyone can accomplish what they set out to do. If this site can encourage at least one person in their writing journey, then I’d say that’s a job well done.

And, while on the subject of believing, I’ve never really put my faith on the forefront here, but I am a Christian. There are certain topics I won’t touch upon, mostly because I know I’m not qualified at all to speak on them. I’ll also not be including certain language/curse words in my writing, even if it’s historically appropriate.

And here’s something I’ll promise you. I’ll never rail on what you believe, or write or etc. Respect is a two way street, and I hope you’ll accept me for who I am just as I’ll accept you for who you are. We may not always agree, but the writing community is a great place for bringing people together:

for the love of writing.

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