A #HistFic Hiatus

A short time ago I put up a blog post updating readers of this site on my progress. Rather, lack thereof. Through a Twitter conversation and a rather sleepless night in the late hours of the evening yesterday, things will be changing here at anotherhartmanauthor.com.

While I am experiencing some trepidation with the thought of purposefully putting down the pen, I do feel that, in the long haul, this writing hiatus will be for the better. I hope to:

Gain a sense of direction with this blog.
Up my grammar game.
Focus on mental health, self care, and pay off those
hospital bills from my surgery in January.

Real life stress took over about a month ago. That’s when I realized I could barely write Part Two for my web series. I kept trying to start it – I have five different openings on scraps of paper around here somewhere – but nothing seemed right.

For at least a month, I’ll be focusing on other things. Formulating a game plan. Working on believing in myself.

In conclusion, I’m not all together disappearing from the writing community (not that I’m a big player in it whatsoever). You may even see some new things pop up on this website or my Twitter. And for that I’m very excited! I will be, of course, finishing up The Five Question Interview series. Look for the posts every Wednesday!

And perhaps, after that, I can start formulating a secret project I’ve been sitting on for months.

Happy writing, #writingcommunity! I WILL be back!
Because no one else can write the stories stuck in my head!

Okay, so my zero writing hiatus didn’t last very long! So I’m changing the title of this to be A #HistFic Hiatus. That series is so structured, with a ton of elements coming. I’m still just as excited about it as I was when I first started working on it.

But last night I started writing…a fantasy novel? What? Where did that come from?

I’ve had so many stories outside my “chosen” genre that I wanted to write as well that I’ve put just The Firedamp Chronicles on hiatus.

Now I have Project Chronicles and Project Kelan. I’m totally tempted to turn this into a contest to see which one I can complete first. With the Chronicles, I’m a total “plotter.” With Kelan I’m using the “pantser” methodology.

Pray for my soul!

One comment

  1. Do what you need to do for your health and happiness. Hope you don’t give up writing and posting though. I enjoy your posts and I look forward to reading your work. 😊


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