A Day in My Life

I have this habit of making things more difficult for myself than need be. This applies to writing blog posts as well. I had paragraphs and paragraphs of explanations for things in my life that didn’t need to be there written and formatted. But why? So let’s keep this simple, sweet and to the point!

If you want to get technical about things, I know morning is longer than 9:00 AM. I chose to use this time frame as a reference for the hours I get up between. Balance is non-existent with me. It sounds like such a nice word, where both routine and five perfect writing hours are built in.

It’s just that simple, right? Wrong.

My job has an ungodly start time – 6:00 AM. As such, I get up anywhere between 4:45 AM and 5:30 AM for those shifts. I loathe mornings but here I am, crawling into the shower and running out the door before the sun appears.

I should have breakfast but I never do. Coffee isn’t a thing in my house. (You almost stopped reading this post at that, didn’t you?) Work between noon and 2:00 PM.

Work is done anywhere between noon and 3:00 PM, depending on how early they start me, so I have the whole afternoon to do all the “adulting” and writers stuff I can squeeze in. From treadmill-ing to bill-paying and those pesky errands, that’s what the afternoon is reserved for. I was going to post a “snapshot” of my week but unless a big trip is planned or a doctor’s appointment is scheduled, it’s pretty mundane.

Sundays are church and family days, though typically now have an afternoon work shift attached. Mondays and Tuesdays are pretty mundane unless I go to the library. On Wednesdays my parents watch my niece and nephew on Wednesdays so my sister can work her part time job (my brother in law has two jobs). Wed. night equals Family Dinner Night. I was able to only be available until 6:00 PM so I can still enjoy it. It’s a great time to unwind and be together without having to plan anything. Though sometimes we do. Thursdays through Saturdays, pretty mundane once again.

I’m a boring adult, no?

All the Hobbies

I’ve asked my parents to tell whomever my next boyfriend is that I don’t need much in life and prefer to keep things simple. That, and to always have a first aide kit around. This applies to my hobbies too.

I barely watch American prime time television, preferring to stick with Star Trek, Netflix, anime and Asian dramas. If I’m not working a rare closing shift it’s usually Star Trek on at 8:00 PM when the H&I evening schedule begins.

I love film scores, an odd mix of Japanese, German, Irish and Chinese music, as well as Korean pop (SHINee, Girls’ Generation and BTS for the win!)

I recently got back into cross-stitching and I hope to take back up wood burning. No, I’m not playing with matches in my house or the backyard. It’s a pen-like tool with interchangeable tips to change how you’re able to burn the wood. I also broke in a new cast iron skillet so I can try a different method of cooking and, if I may say so, I’ve been loving the results (so far!)

Well, okay. All those interests may not be entirely simple, but they’re the only things I’ve managed to balance. I learned the hard way a long time ago that I don’t need to do everything in one day – there’s not that many hours! I can cross-stitch and have Trek on one evening, and the next throw on some traditional Irish step dancing and write for three hours.

Now if only I can apply that kind of balance to my writing life…

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