A Short Update

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d have a quick, casual conversation here on my blog since I recently posted an update on my Facebook page.

I’ve finally begun writing Book One in The Firedamp Chronicles after spending so much time on the pre-story novella. I don’t know if any agents actually represent novellas but I’m putting my best foot forward and giving it a shot! My writing can either get better or go downhill from here, right?

To that end I have decided to postpone any further #FacingIt or #ResearchIt posts. While they’re fun to write and I learn much from researching specific topics, they do take up time I could be spending on the actual story I want to publish. Blogging can be a great tool but it can also be a great distraction. I’d rather it become a tool in the future than a current distraction [and there are soooo many distractions out there!]

Of course I’ll be leaving up the posts already made on this site [no sense in deleting them] and if something comes up that I just have to write about, I’ll do a little mini post.

On the actual writing side of things, I’ve begun querying the novella pre-story to the series, For One Night at the Winter Garden. I’m going to attempt not being too hard on myself with the submitting and rejecting routine. Let’s face it – if I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for every “no” I receive I’ll gain back the 15 lbs I’ve lost within a week. Nope! Not gonna happen!

So if you don’t see me post for a while on this blog, have no fear! I’m still around. I probably spend way too much time on Twitter for my own good, but if you leave a message or a comment for me here I’ll certainly see it and reply when I can.


To read more about the my current projects, please visit this page!
To read a bit of fun flash fiction, visit Cheese and Crumbs.
To learn a little more about me, have a read here. It’s Q&A style.
Read my most recent Research It post.

Read my most recent Facing It post.

See you around the universe!

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