If you’ve followed this website for a long time, you’ve no doubt noticed some different types of blog posts. The uncertainty I’ve felt as of late with my writing future is, most definitely, a topic that’s been front and center these past few months. Blame recent world events all you like, but I’m not sure I can use that as an excuse any longer.

Due to a recent decision I made in my latest blog post (listed below, or click this link to have a read), I’m really excited for the future of my involvement in our oh so vast writing and book communities. Expect change, folks, because change is most certainly on its way. I’m embracing all this with just a little trepidation!

What’s Coming: Pennsylvania history to return in full force. I’m bringing back one of the original ideas I had for this site in 2017. I compiled maybe two posts(?) and thus the series never went anywhere. More on books, reviews, and DIYing book stuffs. And an idea is coming that I hope will pan out for my July relaunch!
What’s Going: Manuscript and writing aesthetics. Blogging about my own writing journey (as that’s on hold. Over-blogging – ie no more four blog posts in one week. Too stressful! I need to develop a better schedule for them.
What’s Staying: Spring writing industry interviews. The name of the series will potentially change, but that’s not going anywhere. On My Bookshelf.

Knowing how to use your voice in a blog post is just as important as it is in a manuscript. […] Posts are a direct reflection of the writer, so it’s very important to not only be confident in yourself, but to stay away from language which could confuse readers. By that I mean this: it’s a tricky thing, balancing knowledge and humility and avoiding bias as best as one can. That’s what I enjoy most about blogging – the challenge of all of the above.

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