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Knowing how to use your voice in a blog post is just as important as it is in a manuscript, perhaps more so. Blogs are visual, instant beings with a life all on their own. Posts are a direct reflection of the writer, so it’s very important to not only be confident in yourself, but to stay away from language which could confuse readers. By that I mean this: it’s a tricky thing, balancing knowledge and humility and avoiding bias as best as one can. That’s what I enjoy most about blogging – the challenge of all of the above.

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Unless you’re working on an autobiography, I think most of us have difficulty introducing ourselves online. So I’ll do the best I can: Hi! My name is Leigh and welcome to my corner of the internet. As a child I’d sit at my family’s shared computer and write Star Trek fan fictions. Then came Supernatural fics and bad short stories. I didn’t decide to attempt writing a historical adventure novel with True Crime undertones until 2016. Since then I’ve delved into Pennsylvania history, Victorian politics and industrial revolutions.

I’m far from perfect, and none of my manuscripts are query ready, so my main goal with this site is to share all the things I’m learning on the path to (hopeful) publication. And maybe you can share things with me as well! Writing is one of those habits that can be done individually or collaboratively.

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Leigh A. Hartman is an ever-learning, ever-growing writer who fills her time with many hobbies related to such things. Aside from avidly reading and blogging her days away, she’s working on two manuscripts with two very different genres: historical adventure and science fiction. Her home library…. read more.

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