Unless you’re working on an autobiography, I think most of us have difficultly introducing ourselves online. It seems quite narcissistic to say, “Hi! This is a site that’s all about me and what I like to do.” I could never have a YouTube channel for that very reason.

All that aside, hi! My name is Leigh and welcome to my corner of the internet. As a child I often sat at my family’s shared computer and wrote Star Trek fan fictions. Then came along Supernatural fics, short stories and more, but it wasn’t till late 2016 did I decide it was time to attempt a novel. My genre: historical adventure.

Through this platform I hope to share things I’ve learned about writing, fascinating historical tidbits, and some life lessons along the way. So, if you’ve the time, I invite you to stop by my blog, the Five Question Interviews series, or find some new resources on the Quick Links page.